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Fuel level indicator vs low fuel light


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at 125K, my 04RT's fuel level indicator is no longer accurate ... RID with a full tank shows a couple of bars low and drops quickly to 4 bars. It shows no bars at about 200miles (normal) and I refill with ~5 gallons.


It's a little annoying and I'll address it at the next 'tank off' service. That'll be a while - just finished an annual brake bleed.


Question 1: Is the low fuel indicator sensor related to the RID fuel level display? I haven't seen the idiot light come on for a couple of months but I will be going across the continent in early July and am a bit concerned.


Question 2: Stock filler tube ... no drilled holes ... How much fuel will the 1150 hold when filled to the bottom of the filler tube?


Comments and advice are greatly appreciated - as always


DH ;~)

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The fuel level is driven by a float in a tube at the front-right of the tank. The low-fuel light is on a float-arm attached to the fuel-pump plate, complete separation of function.

Low-tank readings are usually caused by high resistance in the system - commonly due to dirty contacts of corrosion on the plug at the rear-right of the tank. Clean this up with contact cleaner and it will often restore full levels - no need to pull the tank - just the RH tupperware.


edit: 1150RT holds 25 litres to full, that is 6.6 US gallons.



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