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Rode to Santa Maria Yesterday.


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Some buddies from work organized a ride up to Santa Maria yesterday. Six bikes ended up going with a couple of girl friends or wives as well. I had the only non Harley. A few things got my attention during the ride. First off, they were all good riders. They all had many years of experience and it showed in how relaxed they were. Only one of them wore a full face helmet. None of them wore any protective gear. A couple of them wore athletic shoes. They and their passengers all wore black helmets. I noticed during the Coarsegold ride almost everyone wore protective gear. Almost everyone wore boots. The predominant helmet colors were white or silver. Funny huh?

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I would love to ride with no gear!


But alas.... I'm not the only one on the road, and with so many people trying to run me over or off the road, the extra layer of ATGATT isn't that much of a burden. Even on a 90+ degree California summer day.



(my helmet is solid silver)

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I do not believe I would ever ride again with no gear, even tho' I once did. (There didn't used to be any gear laws).

Today I realize that I am as capable at making a mistake as is anyone else.


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