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Hexhead maintenance costs


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Apologies if this has been previously discussed. If it has, I didn't find it. I do a lot of my own maintenance but I leave the things I don't otherwise want to get into to the pros. For those who turn everything over to the dealer or an independent shop, what are you paying for, say, a 24K scheduled maintenance plus a time-interval service (i.e., brake flush)? I'm talking soup to nuts - - all fluids, brake and clutch service, EFI synch, alternator drivebelt, air filter, plugs, and whatever else BMW says is called for at this service. Do you find a significant difference in cost between dealers and indie shops? Between models, i.e., GS vs RT?

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I have no idea. I never let anyone touch my bike or my car, except for a/c, which the bike don't have. Well not really.

However, my cost is high. As I like to do all that needs to be done, then some extra, then some ahead of time, then maybe do it again just to be sure.

And I don't like cheap parts, aftermarket parts, used parts, or substitutions.

So it costs a bit. But it's worth it. And I enjoy doing the work.


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I have only one data point: When my Öhlins rear shock was leaking, I asked a local dealer for an estimate, and I asked GMD CompuTrack for an estimate. GMD was about 60% the price of the dealer, and has an impeccable record for suspension work. Kent, who runs the place, came out to look at my bike, and asked a bunch of questions. The BMW dealer just quoted a shop rate.


Like David13, I prefer to do my own work whenever possible, although I'm not averse to used parts, when appropriate. I found a used (5000 miles) clutch pack on Beemer Boneyard for $215 last winter, and sold one part that I didn't feel I needed, so my net parts cost ended up at ~$175.

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