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Stoner Retiring


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Paul Mihalka

I much prefer a champion to retire while he is in top form than keep on doing it while the newbes push him farther and farther back. To me seeing Valentino mid-pack and reading about Schumacher in Formula 1 only when he crashes into somebody, is sad.

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Wow, that's huge. I thought it was a joke title, but nooooooo. A great loss to fans as it leaves so few super-riders left to battle for the front. And now the great question: who will replace him on the Repsol Team alongside of Dani ???

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Not a positive decision to me but it is his life :( . Opens the door for Lorenzo once he is gone. Both are a class above anyone else racing at the moment.

To us mortals to be able to ride at that level and for a living is a dream. Once you get there for most it becomes a job/business. One wonders what effect a young family has on someone who does a potentially dangerous pastime. If he is doing it because he is placing his family first...... well for an elite sportsman somewhat unusual (and all kudos to him). He has been testing in our V8 Supercars so....????????

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