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Need Help - R1200RT - Shudder under acceleration


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New to the forum in terms of posting, as I normally browse for answers, but have not been able to find anything that relates to my problem.

So, during a run from Liverpool to Glasgow at reasonable faster than legal speeds I started to notice a slight shudder/vibration that seemed to be coming from either the engine/final drive or gearbox, this was only felt when accelerating-riding, as when I rolled off it disappered???

Since then I have had the bike out today and it felt like shit, I suppose the best way to explain the feeling is that it feels like a car doing 5 mile an hour in fifth gear and the jolting you get was the same throughout all gears at all speeds up to 70ish.

The bike is an 07 and recently went into BMW Dalkeith for a 24k service (about two month ago). The bike seems to be running OK and handling OK, but it is hard to tell where this vibration is comming from. I use the bike most weekdays for work and need an answer to this as soon as possible.


Many Thanks in advance to anyone with any ideas



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Sounds like it could be U-joint or spline related. If you drop your FD, you can inspect the drive shaft for U-joint or spline issues.

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Afternoon John


It's very difficult to tell much about an engine or chassis vibration over the internet. Vibrations & shudders really need hands on to tell much.


Lacking the ability to ride the bike we are just guessing based on your input & feedback.


So the more info & more details you can furnish us the better. As Johnlt mentioned it could be a U joint or drive shaft issue (if so get it looked at pronto as that could cause lots of damage if it lets go at speed).


On the other hand it could be engine related like a stick coil acting up under load.


Maybe even something like a cracked spark plug or a damaged stick coil connector (might have been damaged during service).


I guess lacking more specific information my best recommendation is to take it back where you had it serviced & tell them it now has a vibration it didn't have before service.


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I had a significant miss in mine trying to accelerate in perhaps not a low enough gear.


Changed what I conclude to be factory broken spark plugs and problem solved. I'm somewhat convinced the assembler at the factory hammers the coils onto the plugs, as the ceramic was cracked on mine on both primary (horizontal) plugs. Dealer service man advised he'd seen it before but that there is no bulletin.

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Thanks for all the feedback so far, I must admit that it is difficult to say it is a single fault, even when I am riding it.

The main facts are:


1. Vibrates under acceleration

2. Doesn't vibrate when rolling on or off clutch

3. I don't think there is any noise (none that I can hear anyway)

4. I don't like it


I may have to take to the main dealer, unless I can get a local mechanic who knows about R1200 engines.


I will strip down the FD at the weekend (after buying the correct fluids), found a good link to keep me straight.





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I am tempted to say, ah, just a new spider. But that entire shaft is rusted beyond belief; at least beyond my belief, as due to the dry climate here I have never seen that much rust on anything, other than out of state or beachfront vehicles.

And then not on the inside.

Maybe you need to do something special to the new shaft before you put it in, to prevent that type of rust from recurring.

I know what the Scotland climate is like.


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Except for the rust, mine looked like that on my 05 at 82K miles. Replaced the shaft and all was well. Sold that bike soon thereafter.

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Roadrunner - Damn, that must have made your heart skip a beat or 10. Total destruction.


Weather in Scotland over the last 2 winters have been bad with salt on the ground for 2 to 3 months each year, I suppose using the bike every day as well as in the winter never helps, I have only had the bike for approx 12 months, so I think the majority of this damage may have started a while ago.

I have received the recon driveshaft and various bushes for the FD pivot and an in the middle of fixing everything, hope to have the bike back on the road for Sunday and away around the Scottish hills for a test ride.


Thanks for your comments.



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Luckily the rear wheel waiting to lock up till i parked it on the side of the road. But I was plenty pissed. 36K miles, 2-1/2 years old.



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