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2001 R1100RT-SE


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Hi Everyone,


I've lurked here a while and just registered. Been a long time Oilhead rider - had a '99 R1100RT since new. Commuted on it and rode it through the PNW, BC, Alberta, etc. Sold it to explore the world of Hexheads (R1200RT, R1200GS) and they just didn't do it for me. Looking to get back to an Oilhead RT. Sure, they aren't as fancy or advanced, but I really had an attachment to my old RT.


I've spotted a local 2001 RT-SE for sale and just wanted to know what's different about them. I know it's a final year for the R1100RT...I think I've narrowed down the SE specific items buy please correct me if I'm wrong:



  • 1. Color matched side cases and top case
  • 2. Side case protectors (front edge and bottom, black)
  • 3. SE-specific color paint (beige metallic)?
  • 4. Comfort seat?


Anything I missed?


My '99 did not come with heated grips but the dealer added them at no cost to sweeten the deal. Were they standard on all 2001's? They are a must in Western Washington!


I'm really intriqued by this SE model. I've never seen one in person. I know that the 2000's had an SE model but that was Graphite, right?


Okay, thanks for any information you can provide. Great forum!!!



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I'm really intriqued by this SE model. I've never seen one in person. I know that the 2000's had an SE model but that was Graphite, right?


First off......Welcome.


My '00 RT was an SE model and it was Dark Graphite Metallic. It had the painted to match side/top cases, but that is the only thing I can really confirm. There were no protectors on the side cases. I had an aftermarket seat, so I have no idea about what it came with originally.







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Mrs. Caddis

My 2001 1100RT did not have heated grips, but easily fixed. I had a local shop add aftermarket ones for much less then the dealer/BMW wanted.

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Thank you for the replies. I am familiar with the 2000 SE but wasn't aware of the 2001 until I spotted the one for sale. I wonder if there are any production numbers for the 2001 SE, or even for all 2001 RT's produced for the final run.


Thanks also for the tip about the heated grips not being standard on the 2001...thought for sure that BMW would have included them by then.





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If you end up needing heated grips, let me know. I'll gladly pull them off of my old handle bars and make you a good deal.


This site may help a little. It doesn't say much about the SE designation, but it shows the standard equipment and colors. Also, if it helps......the title for my bike specifically calls out that it is an SE, so if you aren't sure you might be able to confirm it by looking at the title.



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John in VA

I had a 2000 R1100RT-SE in Graphite that was a great bike.


If I recall, the SE for that year included paint-matched side cases and top case, comfort seat, and a rear 12V connector. Mine had heated grips but I don't know if that was part of the SE package.


Hope this helps.

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Mine is a 2001 R1100RT-SE in Champagne #741, which was mostly an LT color. Dual power outlets at the rear footpeg, color matched bag covers and topcase, comfort seat (now Russell) and heated grips.

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