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Any experience with Hepco-Becker topcases for RT?


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I'm looking for a reasonably-priced topcase for my R1200RT. Does anyone have any experience with the Hepco-Becker topcase that they could share? I'm looking at the Journey TC-50.

How are they for overall quality and durability? Is the locking mechanism sound?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't have any personal experience of H+B kit, but it is always well rated in tests. I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

The top case is a available as a kit including the mountings


"Luggage Rack (Silver) incl. Topcase 50. Special Set in black or silver . Part #650640.0109".

The silver or black of the topcase refers to the colour of the insert in the top case.

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I had a Journey top case on my old K 100 RT and it was excellent. Design, fit, finish -- all good.


I would still be using it if I hadn't lent it to a mate who liked it too much to give it back -- he ended up buying it from me and I haven't replaced it yet. My R replacement for the K came with a full set of luggage, but I never stop cursing the OEM top case ...

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I have a 48L Journey Top Box. It has a silver insert which matches the bike. Quality is very good and takes two Schuberth Concept C2 helmets - Just!

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Thanks to all for your feedback. I went ahead with the deal. I had a chance to purchase this from a local fella who had won it as a door prize. So, I did a little better than retail, and he didn't have to ship it to anyone. clap.gif

It's good quality, and seems to hold as much as the BMW rig, but has a smaller aerodynamic footprint as it's only single-walled compared to BMW's who's double wall takes up a lot of valuable space.

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