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Dead Battery Tender X2


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Purchased a Battery Tender Junior and installed the cables on the battery, and plugged it in and the LED lit for a second and then went out. Checked the voltage and the unit was dead.

Ordered another unit and the identical thing happened. Checked the cables on the battery and red on red. Any ideas?

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Battery tenders will not charge a completely dead battery, nor will they read any voltage when not connected to the battery. The circuitry has to sense a certain amount of residual charge coming from the battery to switch on the charging circuit. That's why you can't shock yourself by touching the plug end when the tender is plugged it--it's not hot until it feels that it needs to turn on. I don't know why the light would go out, but I'm not that familiar with the "Jr." model. My regular model just sits there flashing a red light if the battery is completely dead as it thinks it's not yet plugged in.

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I've heard you can fool the battery tender into charging a dead battery by hooking it first to a good battery, then when it starts charging the good battery, move it to the dead unit.



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