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Melancholy Morning - Exciting Ending


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Took my 04 RT for a 200 mile spin this morning ...




Parked this in the garage at the end of the day ... 2011 GSA with 2100 miles!



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Geez all you guys get me wondering about adding a GS to my set when I think I really want the added power of a K - GT..


Should be fun up in WV- not sure yet if I can make it this year.

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Slight hijack:

Anyone here owned both a 2010-> newer GS AND a GSA ? I have a '10 GS, and wondering what I would like more with a GSA, other than the increased fuel capacity? I ride the GS pretty much on-road with *occasional* short gravel roads.

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Envious of the color, the fuel capacity, and the luggage. :thumbsup:


Good luck with that seat. :wave:


I actually didn't think it was that terrible ... but that was after only a 5 hour ride. There's not doubt that Terri however will kill me if I don't buy another Russell. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get lowered shocks before I go the Russell route. My Russell on my RT put me on the balls of my feet. I know Russell works with you on that but I'm already on the balls of my feet, so lowered she shall go!


Let the farkling begin!

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My GS had a stock GSA seat on it when I bought it. It was somewhat doable for me locally, but I always started to squirm after about 45 min. After 3+ hours I was in pain, but it was managable. That trip home from the UNrally last summer left me in pain for 3-4 days after we got back. Danielle was in the same boat.......uncomfortable after an hour, real pain after about 3, and anything longer was days worth of pain.


I ended up with a Rich Maund saddle for next to nothing that works great for me. I still haven't landed a solution for her yet.

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