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I am not much for complaining about vendors and I realize this is not a or more than likely not be a problem at other Cycle Gear locations but here is the story.


Last Sunday I took my restored Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for a ride. I stopped at Cycle Gear and noticed OIL had been coming out of the oil fill plug and blowing back on the rear tire. My mistake for not locking that plug down after last check out. Anyway oil was ALL over the rear tire making for one of the MOST dangerous problems in motorcycling.


I asked the counter guy in Cycle Gear if I could use an adjustable wrench to tighten up the oil plug his answer was NO. Mind you it early Sunday morning and I was the ONLY customer in the building.


I asked for the manager and he came up and gave the the same answer NO. His reasoning..."Not allowed to work on bikes in the parking lot."


I explained to him I understand the policy but I just needed to tighten up te oil fill plug again his answer SORRY no can do!


I have really spent thousands of dollars in this particular store over the years and for a company that should and claims to understand the needs and possible dangers of motorcycling this "POLICY" I feel was REAL WRONG given the situation.


Not saying you readers will have this problem with your local store but it is something to think about if by chance you have a problem on your bike and you stop at a CYCLE GEAR !

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Like your RIDING INTO HISTORY avatar...Are you going to the show next Saturday....If let's meet up

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Is your issue that they wouldn't loan you a wrench to work on the bike, or that you bought a wrench there, and they wouldn't let you work on it in the lot?


For the former, I don't know (m)any businesses that will loan out their working tools. For the latter, take a tip from Nike...just do it.

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Like your RIDING INTO HISTORY avatar...Are you going to the show next Saturday....If let's meet up


Absolutely, I'm there every year, seeing how it's right up the road. Let's I.M. cell #'s. I always ride up very early & spend the day up there.

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While I agree that at first glance it sux, I will say that having been on the other side (owner w/liability coverage restrictions)

I totally understand their point.


What I would've done, as the store owner/rep, would be to take the wrench out to the parking lot and ask you to verify it was the one you needed and remind you that we didn't allow "work" to be done.

Of course to verify it was the wrench you could not use....


The issue is the liability and the absurd direction our litigious society has chosen.

It costs so much to prove you are right that even in cases where it is obvious you could prevail it is cheaper to throw $$$$ at the complainant.


There are folks, even motorcyclists, who would borrow the wrench and deliberately create an issue, broken part, scratched paint, apparent fix that "failed" just down the road resulting in injury and claim.


Sux, truly.

Hope you got it sorted.


Best wishes for a great show, looking forward to the ribbons and pics.


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I understand the lawsuit issue as Tallman mentioned it. I can see the Cyclegear policy as a problem for the employees-violate company policy and get fired. I persoanally would have stated store policy and told Knifemaker to "go around back" where he might have "magically" found the right wrench laying on the ground before he got there.

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Buy the wrench you need from Cycle Gear and then return it for a refund.

As far as wrenching in the parking lot, that is not illegal in any state that I know of.

Personally I am satisfied with CG. I recently bought a rear tire from them for my RT-P. I brought the wheel in and it was mounted and balanced in 15 minutes.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

It is possible that they took that stance due to property/landlord requirements. The one in Orange Park is in a bit of a strip mall. Maybe they have a flowed down requirement of no working on bikes in the lot.

If so, it doesn't help their business much.

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Yes, but, disposal of environmental hazards (fluids etc.) can be a

big problem and who is cleaning up when the customer spills and rides off?


And then the next customer has his wheel slide out and crash.


For sure.

Actionable, most likely.


No good solution sometimes.

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Mister Tee

I certainly understand the point of not allowing major repairs in the parking lot (parking lots are normally private property belonging to the building) but I think it's a little bit ridiculous not to loan a wrench just to tighten up a leak. I would think it's in their best interest to stop an oil leak in their parking lot.


Can't vouch for Cycle Gear's policies or service, but I've been perfectly happy with my Cycle Gear so far. Staff has been very helpful and knowledgable for advice on their products.

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I don't know if the whole litigation thing is really a major consideration. At the major parts stores around here, they routinely permit people to buy parts--batteries, wipers, etc.--and install them in the lot. In fact, at least for stuff like wipers, the sales staff will generally offer to help you out.


I suppose that it gets a little more questionable as you move into more serious mechanical work, and I will say that I've never known of any place that would lend tools. Sure seems like it would have been a neighborly thing to do, though.


One thing to recall is that being a manager at a retail store doesn't mean you have a lot of autonomy. A lot of these guys and gals work hard, are paid poorly, and work under a constant threat of dismissal for deviating from company policies.

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BTDT wrt loaning tools, even advice, to travelling riders who broke down.

Once, after loaning tools, fluid collection pans, the rider spilled it outside service entrance.

I guarantee that if we hadn't spent hours cleaning up, marking area closed, buying kitty litter, removing it all, that if a customer

went down becasue of the spilled fluids it would be actionable.


Had one rider buy an ebayer, flew from Idaho to Ft. Lauderdale, ride north, get to us when it began leaking like a 3 day old Depends on a cranky astronaut.

We offered assistance but relegated him to a corner behind the dumpster, just in case, based on previous mishaps. He took the tools, bought parts, used the collection pans, cleaned up, then gave us an earful for making him work behind the dumpster and vowing to spread the word about how poorly we treated riders on the road.

Gee, thanks buddy.

Sometimes you can't win.

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So they loan the person the tool, but the oil is still on the tire and when the bike leaves the lot, down it goes. The shop then gets sued because the shop was negligent. The shop may win but the attorney fees are huge, and the Manager gets fired for breaking company policy. I think that person should have carried his own tools. I sympathize with this state of affairs but it really can be blamed on our litigious legal system.


Remember: Anyone can sue anyone at anytime. May not win, but that is how it goes and lawsuits are not thrown out of court much. As far as working on the lot, I can see their point. If you don't work on the lot, they can't be at fault if something bad happens.

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Absolutely sad and BS. So they recognised that you had a dangerous situation and that you were concerned for you safety but they refused to help and let you depart their location. That smells like a huge law suit to me. Kinda like someone smelling of liquir/drinking on your property and you allowing them to leave to endanger other lives. Our society is suit crazy for sure.


I went to Advanced Auto when on break last. I needed some panel screws for a molding piece on my Explorer. Not only did they loan me a screw driver to use, they came out with several packages of screws, opened them up to give me the correct one and then sent me on my way.


Customer service keeps businesses in business.

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