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07 R1200R Throttle Cable Adjustment


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Can you please advise how to adjust the throttle cable. It appears under the throttle there is an adjustment device, but how much slack is the right amount?




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Morning jGP


What are you trying to accomplish with the adjustment? A full (cable system) adjustment or just the cable at the twist grip?


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Afternoon JGP


Well, the BMW service manual calls for using their service computer to set that cable slack on the 1200R bike (strange).


So if we go to the BMW 1200GS service section that calls for .5mm cable slack. I don't see any reason you can't use the GS setting.


Personally I don't like that much cable slack in my twist grip so I set both my GS & RT to just a bit of cable slack (quite a bit less than the .5mm)


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