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Help! Need R1150RT mirror assembly's.


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Need at least the right, but would buy left too if I could find a good deal. Sienna Red.

Anyone have one or know where to buy one without shelling 3 large bills?


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Bill Tracy

There are a number of new non-factory replacement mirrors on Ebay... search for "r1100rt r1150rt mirrors." The signal lenses look different than stock so I would suggest buying a pair since the price is reasonable.


No afiliation to the suppliers here, but if you buy any of these please post a product review for the other site users.



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I bought a pair from China. Much cheaper than stock.

But...they are thinner than stock. This makes them flex when putting them on & off.

The fit doesn't look right to me - there's a gap between the mirror and the fairing.

The wire rings in the finger keepers were too tight & wouldn't allow them to go on at all. I swapped out the rings for the old ones & got them on. Later tried greasing the male parts - maybe this is all they needed.

One of the mirrors shows a distorted image. Not a big problem but a minor irritation nontheless.

Mirror adjustment too loose - it's too easy to knock 'em out of adj. The originals were too tight! Maybe I'm just hard to please.


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Are your mirror units broken or just have surface scrathes? If only scratches they can be repaired and repainted just like any other body work. The paint can be bought at any auto paint business all you need is the BMW paint code # and it can be mixed for you.I've done this with several assemblies that were purchased (used )on line but weren't the right color.Here in Pa. it cost me around $90.00 for a quart of paint. Might be another option for you, as far as aftermarket I wouldnt touch them. Beemer Bone Yard would be another option look them up on line they have lots of used parts.

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Just so you know, if you buy a factory painted mirror from the BMW, it comes as a complete mirror assembly. Includes everything, from a new mirror to the turn signal bulb and everything in between.


But, if you buy the big side fairing pieces that cost $1041.37 each, they are just the factory painted panels. No knee pads, emblems or R1150rt stickers. Go figure. :P


I found this all out when I made a $3000.00 order when my RT fell on it's side a few months ago. I can't speak for the other colors, but the new Titan Gray body parts are a perfect color match to the 8 year old body panels on my RT.

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