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Compliments to Paul Jones at SargentCycle


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A couple weeks back I noticed one of the bumpers (looks like rubber *) was missing from under the Sargent seat on my BMW R1200RT. I checked on www.sargetncycle.com for replacement bumper, but saw none. I sent email off to Sargent asking how to order replacement bumper. Within hours I got email from Paul Jones at Sargent asking for my mailing address. He was going to send me a replacement bumper at no charge.


Couple of days later hear comes a packages from Sargent. I open it to find not one, but two replacement bumpers, all at no charge.


What great customer service from the guys at SargentCycle.


Chris Skor (Skorlinski)

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They are helpful for sure.


Seat mounting changed somewhere in R1100S production run, and it requires "adapters" to fit an early seat on a later bike and Sargeant knows what they are, has them (has them made), prices them reasonably and ships them quickly.


This all so I could remove Corbin bike came with and fit an OE seat that I acquired used.


I think it's clear they enjoy their work.

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