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Touring Canada

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Good evening,

My wife and I are starting to do some long-range planning to tour the Maritine Provinces in Canada during June/July of 2013. We are planning for two or perhaps three weeks in Nova Scotia, Cape Breaton Island and the Cabot Trail, and New Brunswick.

We will be taking our '07 R1200RT. We are looking for suggestions for bike equipment, clothes for that climate, reccommendations for places to visit, etc. We still need a good set of rain gear.

Can someone tell us what type of electrical outlets are standard? Hopefully duplex ones such as we presently have charging plugs for.


That is about it for now.

All replies gratefully received.

John and Vickie


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Welcome to BMWST! :clap:


I'm embarrassed to say it's been +30 yrs. since I've been to the Maritimes so I hope some others will pitch in with suggestions for your tour. Two to three weeks should give you plenty of time for a leisurely tour.


What are your interests? Are you camping?


Some suggestions:


New Brunswick

- reversing falls at St. John. The Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tides in the world

- Gaspe Peninsula coast road



Nova Scotia

- Annapolis Valley

- Lunenburg (fishing village)

- Halifax


.marine museum

.find the site of the schooner Bluenose restoration site (it's on the back of our dime)


- Cape Breton Island

. Cabot Trail counter clockwise

. Fort Louisbourg

. Glace Bay - Marconi museum

. Baddeck - Alex. Bell Historic Site

.experience the Celtic culture


Prince Edward Island

-Confederation Bridge on East end and ferry on West end

-Charlottetown, capitol, <35,000 pop., intimate and beautiful walking town

-Confederation Trail



-you didn't mention The Rock so maybe it isn't included in this trip. If you do consider it you will need reservations well in advance for the ferry to and from. St. John's the capital and Gros Morne Park are not to be missed.


Now for the difficult news: Hydro there is narrow gauge so you'll need expensive adapters. They are still on the old black and white TV system and there's only a verbal ie. non-music radio network. Just kidding! :grin: It's all the same as you know it at home.


Have fun, take your time. Maritimers are some of the friendliest people around. Bring your sea food appetite. And don't forget a ride report with lots of pictures eh.

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I did the full tour 2 years ago starting from Quebec and doing the full Trans Labrador trip including Phase III since it opened that Summer. I went the end of June and finished in New Brunswick. I actually had rain for 8 days and 40f temps but if you take good rain gear it isn't a problem. I would suggest to be prepared for anything especially bugs.


The previous list from Rocer should keep you occupied and I can suggest an excellent and MC friendly B&B in Saint John, New Brunswick: http://earleofleinster.com/ I have a bunch of pictures here also: http://dirtydr.smugmug.com/Trans-Labrador/Earl-of-Leinster-B/12834625_WnqJ2s#!i=925834231&k=GFzBz


When I was there I was prepared to camp and had no set schedule so I had no reservations anywhere but there were few people traveling that year so I had no trouble getting around or finding accomidations when needed however if you do have a schedule it is best to make reservations. You can email the visitor sites for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and they will send you free visitor information kits including coupons, maps etc..


If you go to Prince Edward Island the bridge is free to enter but you have to pay to leave there so if you take the ferry to exit you only have to pay for the ferry.

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Thanks for the information. This is just what I was hoping for. It is nice to have some first hand perspective. We are planning for two and perhaps three weeks and live in North central Mass. Not too far away and once we get there we can take our time.



Thanks also for your info. We are not going to camp. Been there, done that. Too old to want to do that again. Back in 1998 we did a five week camping tour of the Rockies, Texas, and Mid-South,(by car). Fun, but...


I love the tip on the bridge. They let you on the island and want to keep you. This is going to be our first real MC trip other than long day trips. I have done some single stuff although not recently.

I will try to post info and pictures after we get back. In the mean time we are starting to put together small bits of gear to take.


Thanks for the information guys. I appreciate it.



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I should have added that Lunenburg has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another notable fishing village just S. of Halifax - Peggy's Cove, should not be missed.


The reference to the Bluenose reconstruction should have been the Bluenose II. If you google it you will find info on the location of it's dry berth and hours for viewing. It'll be launched in July this year so you'll be seeing it in it's virtual state of completion.


Also, keep an eye out for any maritime live music opportunities. There are all sorts of festivals throughout the summer months with schedules available in tourist offices found in most communities. It's incredible how much of Canada's musical talent comes from the Maritimes.



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We spent a couple weeks there, 2 up.

Plenty to see.

Plan to ride on the water side of the "trails".

There are a number of them, see the NS tourist website.

More of a stop and smell the roses type of trip.

Can be very enjoyable.

We booked B$B's in advance, and Lauries in Cheticamp as a base to explore Cape Breton/Meat Cove, have a laundry and allow for daytrips.


Great food, music, friendly people.

We avoided Halifax, rode all of the trails< I planned that for outside/waterside road.

Easy enough to cross from one side of the island to the other using internal roadways.

Watch your speed.

Some roads have horrible frost damage, some big enough to grab a wheel, just watch for that (mostly internal roads).


Playhouse in Louisbourg and the fort can be fun.

Last 5-6 miles to Meat Cove is dirt, we rode after a tropical storm

in high winds and it was OK, just needed to be steady on throttle.

Plenty of small towns, churches, restaurants, music for fun and together time.


Don't miss Fundy.

If you ride the tidal bore your clothes will become orange/georgia clay color.


As suggested contact the tourism sites, get the books, check out the accomodations and have fun.


We'd go back.

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Thanks for the added info. I have been searching on-line for ideas and they keep mounting up.



I appreciate your input as well. Everything is adding up to so many places to go I may not have enough time. What a pity. Retired and not enough time. I will just have to make the most of the time we do have.


Thanks guys,


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Thanks for the link. Looks nice. I am sure we are going to see a lot. We have traveled extensivly, even in Canada, just not in the East.


Picking up the little things now so we will be ready when the urge hits us. I need to find places for everything. Still need to locate good moose/deer whistles and mount them.


Ordered a GPS last evening and will figure out how to mount that. I have some stainless sheet and may make a mount with it. Perhaps on top of the front brake resivour. I have a lathe and can turn out some small stand-offs and use longer screws. We'll see.


All for now.


Regards, John

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There are a number of previous threads with some pictures and other ideas over the last few years. Just do an "Advanced" search under "Ride and Event Planning" using the key words "Nova Scotia" with a 5 year (max) time frame.


I have been in June, July and September and would return in September. There are fewer vehicles, all the accomodations are still open and late September has great fall colours and more Celtic festivities.



However, you have a better choice of fresh seafood in the summer.


Although accomodations and restaurants can change owners and other staff I have had good experiences at the Rossmount Inn in St Andrews N.B. (the absolute best seared fresh tuna I have ever had), Tree Seat B&B and Lynwood Inn Baddeck N.S., Coopers Inn Shelburne N.S. and the Garden House B&B Wolfville N.S. In Cheticamp (west end of the Cabot Trail) Merry's Motel is a basic motel that is very popular with motorcyclists.


Other suggestions:


Walk down to the sea floor at Hopewell Rocks when the tide is out and walk between the flower pots. Then walk back up to the visitor center and have a bite while the tide comes in and go back out in a rented sea kayak with the water 20 feet higher!


Walk out the trail to Middle Head peninsula at Ingonish N.S.:




If you can go a few miles of gravel (although it would be very slick in the rain) I would go out to Cape d'Or to watch the waves crashing into the cliffs or the tidal whirlpools as the water pours in and out of the Bay of Fundy:




Don't miss Fort Louisbourg:




or Peggy's Cove:




If you are at all interested in Acadian history you can spend all day at Annapolis Royal. Did I mention Digby scallops? The Halifax Citadel? The Titanic graves in Halifax?


Just some more ideas.


Mike Cassidy

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