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R1100RT-P BMW workshop guide


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Hi everyone!


I am trying to find out what some of the loose wiring is in my now de-mobbed Metropolitan Police bike and see if i can remove or put to a new use. I have a 12v Relay behind the headlamp which i think is the alternating headlamp flasher, but i cannot see where it was routed in the main loom.


I have once found a website with the hyperlink to this information, but cannot find it again.


Your assistance is appriciated.




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Hey C,


bmwmc.net is the site for the RT-P info for police agencies. Sometimes it lets you in and sometimes it asks for a password. If it doesn't work at first, it probably will on a retry.


EDIT- There ARE wiring diagrams there.

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When i converted my 2001 RTP1100 to 2 seater, i cut 20' of wiring off. Always use test lite for power w key off and on before cutting.

Any that had power got shortened and heat shrunk and zip tiped.

I left all the rear lites functional for cage drivers. Hence I left the rear relays functional.

Both fr turn signals have relays you can just eleminate, oem wires still worked.

My bike had scotchlocks when relays were involved, No cuts.

When i did use butt connectors, I used aircraft pliers to crush them, so i would never have to walk home.

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A RT-P lighting question...

My 2004 has the wide metal plate at the rear (license plate area) where I assume, the rectangular strobe lights were once mounted. The area now has two open rectangular holes and I've been thinking about covering those holes with a plate and placing reflective material there. But I was wondering if anyone found a solution where they were able to place running or brake lights in those holes?

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Take the plate or the appropriate measurements for those rectangular holes with you to the closest large 24 hour Truck Stop complex on any major highway. The store will carry all kinds of lights that will probably fit those holes and you can piggyback them off of your brake light or turn signal circuits without too much trouble.

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