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Sandwichs in Folsom, Ca


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Well... I was in the company cage last week. Wandering from Auburn,Ca to West Sacramento.


Arrived in Folsom.


- I was powerful hungry

- A little lonely from being on the road


Found a pretty little "spot" with a Yamaha Tenere parked. It didn't seem to matter that I wasn't on a bike. What a warm place. "Family" was the language spoken there. Had a great sandwich. Fellowship. Proprieter couple were so nice. And... entertainment! A young girl who sang and danced all about the place.


I am so thankful for friends.



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No pic's though... :(




Sorry... but the proprieter has a photo of the girl who sang and danced...





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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Sure hope that 'sandwich shop' had an "A" food rating. You don't want to catch anything on the road. Yammi's can pass certain diseases.....like non-Boxeritis.

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One of the greatest assets of this board is its people. And there are some really good ones here!!!!


Motorcycles brought us all together, friendships keep us together.


Dave called and was nearby. He just wanted to call and let us know. There was plenty of food, an extra plate was placed and, well, the rest was easy! Fellowship happened.


Jamie and I have always said we would leave the light on for anyone passing through. Who would have known that the people of this board bring us light!!!!!


It was great seeing you Dave!!! Last time we saw you we were living in an RV at the hospital.


As for non-Boxeritis? Well, some things are just gonna happen. HEE HEE HEE!!!

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