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RE: Pad break brake in


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Just finished installing new EBC pads all around and changing all fluids. What are the opinions for breaking in the pads...I've heard just ride. I've heard do several hard stops, etc...


What's the current wisdom..

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EBC says to take it easy on them for 250 miles until bedded in with the rotors. Installed them on my R1150RT Fronts last year :thumbsup:

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with new pads the one thing not to do is make a hard stop and then sit with the pads against the rotor, as this can spot transfer material. ride very gently to an open area, then make 50 to 10 mph stops, accelerate ride a bit and repeat. After about 5 of these, then do 2of 100 to 10 or what is legal in your area) and if they feel good after cooling never worry about it again.



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Bet you notice the difference when they are bedded in. I certainly did....much better when progressively braking than the stock pads :thumbsup:

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Breaking in (bedding) pads has some similarity and diffreences compared to tires.


You want to get surface conformity- hence the need for some moderately hard stops to hasten the process.


You also want to heat cycle the pads. That means they need to get to the higher end of their operating temp range and then get a chance to cool before jusging the result.


Don't get oo aggreesive on break in- you can wreck the rotor and pads.


For car race applications some rotors can be purchased that have been run in on a brake dyno with the pads used for racing. And some true race pads like many of the Performance Friction race compounds) aregood to go out of the box- no break in required.

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