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Why I Missed the First Helen Ride


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I am genuinely sad that I missed the first Helen ride last month. But for those of you who know my passion for my pups, you will perhaps understand my reluctance to leave town on two wheels.


The week before Helen, I realized my very sweet, old girl Gizmo was even more frail than usual. By the weekend before, I realized that I just couldn't leave her to go on another trip.


The Monday before, I took her to the vet and confirmed my fear that it was time to let her go and help her to the other side. She passed quietly with her head on my lap on Tuesday evening about 4:30 p.m.


She was with me for 17 years. I'm gonna miss her for a long time.





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I understand. While not a big pet person myself, a week before you let go of Gizmo, my wife let go of her 17 year old dog. Same situation, just to frail to enjoy life. I watched as Cathy and misty said good bye to each other. I have tears in my eyes thinking of you and Gizmo. My deepest sympathy to you, and lots of well wishes for the great memories you carry in your heart.

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She was with me for 17 years.


What an amazing amount of time to share with a god.


My heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of your beloved girl.

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I know how hard that is.


When it is my time I want them all waiting for me cause there is gonna be a serious hug fest.



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Sorry to hear that Shannon. My Sister had to part ways with her baby last week as well. She was a Jack Russell named Tara that was 2 months shy of her 17th birthday and had been at her side through two marriages and I don't know how many moves. I helped raise her when we were still living at our parents house and still puppysat her on a regular basis when my Sister and Brother in-law traveled.


Its never easy :cry:

lots of hugs

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Shannon -

Condolences to you. I too am misty-eyed because of your loss. My two cats just came up to remind me that pets are some of your best friends for a long, long time and when we have to let them go, its never easy.


At least I think thats why my cats came up to bother me.... maybe its because they want fed.... again!


Hope to see you again soon!!





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Sorry for your loss.

Hope you find some solace in the many memories of a shared journey.

Our 100 pound boy McGruff has been sharing the house with an eight pound Maltese belonging to a daughter for the past 2 months while another dog recovers from surgery.

They all send a big canine vibe of peace and love to your home.

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I know the feeling.

A couple years ago my calico cat, after 19 years passed away during the night; I had just gone out to the springs for a few days.

I have another cat.

After 22 years, he is frail, but still alive and functioning. He was full grown when he came to live with me, 22 years ago. I know he does not have long to go. But he is holding out for the most time he can get.

When I got married 40 years ago, within the first year, my wife said, "Dave, you love those cats more than you love me."

That wasn't true. But I know what she meant. Because it is a very special relationship with the animals.

It's never necessary to argue with a dog. And it's never useful to argue with a cat.


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Sorry to hear Shannon. Think I may have said this when Danny lost his pup. I see the same thing here, the pics tell me your friend lived a very happy life. What more can a doggie ask for...



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Very sorry for your loss. She looks like a really good dog. I think part of the sorrow of losing a pet like this is that you can measure a major part of your own life alongside your pal's lifespan. We had a standard poodle who lived a very long life for a big dog. We got her when our son was in kindergarten and we lost her when he was a senior in college. Talk about counting the years and the memories...

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Sorry to hear Shannon she looks like a great dog, know the feeling. I had Hubert for 14 years (1969-1983), still miss him.

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Nice n Easy Rider

Sorry for your loss Shannon. It's very difficult to part with such a loyal friend after so many years. They really are family. :(

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Now I REALLY appreciate you sharing the video of her in your house when we were at the Pisgah Inn. So very sorry for your loss, Shannon. :cry:

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Glenn Reed

My brother once expresses a sentiment close to that George mentioned - Pets aren't people, but they can be family.


Very sorry for your loss, thanks again for the excellent instruction in Brevard.

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Sorry to hear of your loss, Shannon. I'm sure you'll hold her memory near to your heart for all your days.

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It sad-dens me to read of the loss of your best friend. It's the most difficult thing to go through... condolences to you.

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