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I haven't been riding much for the past two years due to work-a-holic related distractions. Even the three year old battery (with a battery tender), definitely needs replacing. So, two questions on my 2004 R1150RT. What should I have done after only 200 miles over two years? And where should I get it done? (I hear things have changed on the BMW service scene in CT). I jump started it and took it around the block. Except for the battery there appears to be no issues. In fact, it runs and rides fantastic. I just want to be safe.


A buddy of mine is riding up from Florida later this month and he wants to go for day long ride. I need my bike ready! Thanks!

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I would replace all fluids as condensation can cause problems - otherwise, go ride it.



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I would be concerned about tires if they are 5 years or more old. Other than that, as Andy said change all the fulids and "go ride it". It will be good for both you and the bike.

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