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Hard start


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06 RT just did all services including a valve adjust and tb sync. Runs excellent.


Problem is hard starting, especially noticeable after kickstand down used to kill engine in gear. Tends to stall .. It probably doesn't have anything to do with it, but that's when I notice it most. I have to give it some throttle and rev then engine to keep from a stall and drive off.


Otherwise flawless running once going. Even subsequent stop at light, no stall, all is good.


Any suggestions.. .?


This was occurring before the recent service as well. Also new oddessey battery installed.

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Guest Kakugo

BMW dealer always recommended me to stop the bike by turning off the ignition key. Use both the kickstand and killswitch method as sparingly as possible otherwise the bike will be hard to start. I suspect the issue may be spark plug related (fouling?) but I'd wait DR's opinion on that.


Try stopping the bike using the ignition key for a few weeks and see if there's any improvement.

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Morning Dundee387


That is a strange one. I occasionally use the side stand to stall my hexheads in gear when parking on a steep forward downhill & haven't noticed more difficult re-starting afterwards.


I suppose it could be due to stopping the engine before the steppers are stabilized, then you could be re-starting the engine quickly before the steppers can totally re-home & re-set.


As Kakugo mentioned maybe try shutting it off with the ignition switch as a test just to see if that makes a difference. If so you have something to look into.


Also, maybe try allowing the system to go through it's FULL pre-start sequence after turning the ignition switch on for the re-start after using the side stand to shut it down. That will give the stepper motors enough time to do a full re-home & re-set for starting.


Otherwise, any sign of black smoke on the re-start? If so maybe a dripping fuel injector after shut down.


This is interesting so please keep us updated on what you find.


As time goes by if you can supply more info on anything that helps (or hurts) the re-starting maybe we can determine what is going on with your bike.


Just thought: did you do a TPS re-learn after installing the new battery? If not disconnect the battery for about 30 seconds then do a fresh key-on TPS re-learn.


After a 30 second battery disconnect-- Turn key on (do not start engine), then (slowly) FULLY open & close the throttle twice.


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Thanks for your response, and possible outcomes.


To answer some of the questions;


1) No black smoke on startup.

2) TPS relearn done with new battery install.

3) I wait until the "brake failure" light comes on to restart the bike.


I don't know if temperature change has anything to do with it, but this problem occurs when I commute to work. I leave the bike, and return 8 hours or more later, at night, when temps have fallen sometimes by up to 30 degrees at this time of year.


I have a K1200s that I can fire right up and take off no problem...


Anyways, my feeling was that a modern bike like this should not have this type of issue. Unless I'm not giving it enough time, but I thought you could just start up, and ride these things off. Not good to sit around and idle.


I will keep it in "N" and use the key to shut it off, to see if the problem goes away (unless on a hill). Will keep you posted.


Your theory on the stepper motors is interesting, can this cause the bike to have a weak idle, that appears to be "hunting" at startup? and needs revving to keep from a stall..


Thanks again!



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