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Battery Dying


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I have an 06 R1200RT that I am just starting up from it's winter rest. I have always kept the battery charged, using a trickle charger.

Switch on the key, all proceeds as normal, lights on, horn will sound loudly. Press starter and I hear a loud click. Motor does not turn over at all.

Should the battery be replaced? What to look at?

Thanks for any assistance.


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Afternoon Woodsey


If that bike still has the original battery then it definitely should be replaced regardless if that is the problem or not.


As to your problem-- it might just be a dead battery or just a poor connection at one of the battery cables to the battery so check the battery cable to battery attachments for being tight & corrosion free.


Other than the above if battery is still good & the connections are clean & tight then it could be anything from a gummed up starter, to a tight engine, to a bad starter relay, to poor ground connections, to ????


Maybe try jumping from a car (car engine not running) as that will yea nay the battery as the problem.


Or check battery voltage while trying to start (should be 9.6 v or above cranking) but if it won't crank you won't get full starter load. If below 9.6 v while even trying to crank definitely a battery or connection problem.





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