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broken headlamp glass


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howdy. recently acquire used 2002 r1150rt-p (CHP bike). small tree sucked me in with tractor beam while driving at slow speed (i can't explain it but it did happen). it was a slow speed bump but still busted the glass on my headlamp into a thousand pieces, though all lamps still work great. i've been told by dealer that i'll have to replace the entire headlamp assembly for about $470 just for parts. anybody have experience with this?

also cracked fairing near upper right hand corner of lamp so guess that will need to be replaced, too. another $500 or so. not to mention whatever else they find under there. then labor. Jeepers...this going to cost me!


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Sorry your first post here has to be about such a bummer. Welcome anyway.


If you can't find the headlamp ass'y used, Chicago BMW has it for $354.40


ISFA the front faring itself, if just a minor crack it should be easily repairable. Otherwise Chicago BMW has it for around $475 depending on the color.


Of course if you are having a dealer doing the repairs, obtaining the parts elsewhere is probably not an option.


Good luck.

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I agree with the other guys...look for the parts used and then do the work yourself...not hard...A good manual should do the trick and plenty of help here too!!! thumbsup.gif


Good Luck cool.gif



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small tree sucked me in with tractor beam while driving at slow speed


And all this time I thought the Federation had banned that technology from being used on the surface of class M planets. grin.gif


Hey sorry about you hit..major drag bncry.gif

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Bike is at my dealer. Their initial estimate was $3984.99 and included replacing anything that had the most minor scratch. I just want a safe, good running, reasonably attractive machine. So getting rid of lots of needless work, the price is $1757.05 . I have found that I can get the parts cheeper myself and I'm tempted to do the work myself with an experienced neighbor who has worked on his bikes for 30 years. For instance, I have a used headlight assembly coming from another dealership for $250 total wih shipping (vs $443 new from my dealer or $354+handling from Chicago BMW). The other 2 parts I need are an upper center fairing in white. Chicago BMW has for $478+handling, my dealer charges $597+tax. I haven't been able to find this used. I thus also need the "holder," a bracket for mounting the fairing and I can't find this used and I hear they are very tough to straiten. My dealer wants $354+tax, Chicago BMW wants a bit more...$372+handling. So I am talking with my dealer about, hopefully, getting their parts pricing a bit more competitive, then having them do the labor estimated at $274.50. Granted, I would save a few hundred if I order from Chicago BMW, but I should mention that my dealer will charge me about $130 for the estimate if I don't have them do the work, thus the price difference falls to more like $200. I think for that I can afford to have them do the work?

You may ask why don't I go through my insurance, but my insurance dealer at State Farm, who insures my car too, says that if I file a claim (my first of any kind with SF), I will lose my good driver discount on the bike and on my car. This will cost me about $1000 a year for 3 years minimum. So I want to pay out of pocket and leave the insurance company out of it.

So, we'll see. Either way, I've found this is a SLOW process and I'm itching to ride again.


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