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Anchorage, AK fly and ride


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Since work dictates my life now, a long trip up north is OUT of the question...looking to put together a quick dash up to the 49th state, on a fly and ride. Best I can get is 4 days port to port.


Not looking for routes as much as best place to stay in Anchorage, pick up a bike, out towards the BIG stuff, then back.


Appreciate the replies in advance. :wave:



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When we lived way out in the hinterlands of AK - far from roads - and our bikes lived down here in the pacific northwest, we rented from what is now Motoquest for short trips to Seward and such (always a KLR, though they had other things even then) - great folks to deal with.


I'd suggest checking with them about hotels - they have relationships with places and are as likely to be able to get you a good deal on convenient lodging as any other source you might check.



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