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Front Brake lever Adjust


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Bought a r1100rt with 49000 miles. How much free play where front lever meets brake fluid reservoir?

Doesn't say in online manual i downloaded. Replaced front pads today, lever is firm. is it necessary to bled brakes?

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Afternoon Barnie


The correct gap or play is 0 (just touching) but on older bikes I set it to have just a bit of gap with a FREELY MOVING LEVER, no interference of the brake light switch, & making sure the master cylinder piston has fully returned.


The reason for just a bit of gap is there is a good chance the master cylinder piston isn't fully returning due to gunk & stickiness. If just a bit of gap you can easily tell if there is a change either way in piston return.


The master cylinder MUST always return to all the way up or the piston can block the fluid return port allowing brake drag.


Also keep in mind that the adjusting screw might be Loc-Tite'd so it may not move easily without some heat.




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