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Green Bike

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Aw, thought you guys might be ready to roll again on something like this! :(




Algae fuel looks great but can they produce enough of it to make a difference?





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There is no more beautiful BMW color than Boston Green. And that is a gorgeous example. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Mmmkay, so according to the reporter I can just dump the pond scum from behind my house into my fuel tank, provided it's a diesel, & it'll run just fine. While I'm not buying in just yet, I did a little research & found this.


Algea into Fuel


A quick quote.


Using algae as an alternative fuel is not a new idea. The U.S. Department of Energy studied it for about 18 years, from 1978 to 1996. But according to Al Darzins of the DOE's National Renewable Energy Lab, in 1996 the feds decided that algae oil could never compete economically with fossil fuels.


The price of a barrel of oil in 1996? About 20 bucks!


Seems like a better bet than Solyndra.



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That's cool - both the diesel bike, and the novel fuel.


Poo poo the alternatives to dead dino juice all you want, but they are coming. Shoot, even God himself needed a week to create the world. Give those lowly mortal scientists a break.

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