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2002 RT won't start


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Working fine two weeks ago. Parked on center stand and will not start. Kill switch on run, side stand up, removed fuel pump relay and swapped with another one next to it. Pulled plug and it appears no gas. Never fired at all. Any suggestions?

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Evening jemllc


Can you hear the fuel pump run at first key on?


If so, try holding the twist grip open about 1/8-1/4 turn & try starting it again.


If still no start then check all your fuses.


If fuses OK then check for spark at spark plugs & check for fuel spray from a removed fuel injector.


If no fuel pump sound at key on you will need to find out why.



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Have you had the tank off by any chance? I had the same symptoms, mine turned out to be broken quick couplings from the fuel tank (Thanks to the guys on this forum for pointing me to it).

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