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NUVI BlueTooth Advice


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Have a buddy who wants to buy a NUVI for mounting on his 1150. He's not sure what models of the NUVI are most suited for motorcycles (ZUMO's are too pricey for him) so I am inquiring on his behalf.


He wants bluetooth, map customizing capacity, ability to get the forevermaps option, ability to be wired into and mounted to a motorcycle.


What model(s) do you folks recommend and what else should he be thinking about?


Thanks for your help.

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Nuvi units are good in the car, most (if not all) are not waterproof hence need to be protected somehow from the rain. However I have a Nuvi 765T mounted on my bike. This unit was refurbished/discontinued and under $100. It has bluetooth and accepts SD card (used to store music for me). One thing to note, this unit when powered by the bike via mini USB, the display will dim by about 50%. The display is fine when not being powered by the bike battery, wierd. Also don't leave the GPS plugged into the bike battery when not riding (even if the GPS is turned off) as it will drain the bike battery.

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I've tried for two days now to find an article that explained that Nuvis with Bluetooth do not relate all the same information via the bluetooth connection. Wish i could find it because I cannot remember the guts of the story. Something about the audible turn-by-turn etc directions that can be heard over the nuvis speaker not being the same when heard over bluetooth.

I do remember them saying that Zumos work correctly in this regard.


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My nuvi does relate turn by turn directions via bluetooth to my Sena headset. If I'm playing music through the nuvi (via bluetooth) and a change in travel direction is needed, the nuvi does interupt the music and relay the change in direction instructions, then goes back to playing music. The nuvi speaker would not be heard when riding so only bluetooth is a viable use.

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