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Using Gerbing battery harness


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Okay, Here's what I want to do..Anyone know if it will work?

I have the Gerbing battery harness on my battery for my heated jacket liner. I have a Wal Mart portable air compressor that's rated for 15 amps with a cigar/cigarette lighter plug on the end of the cord. I want to cut off that plug and put a plug like the one on my Gerbing jacket liner that will plug into the battery harness in the event of a flat..Will it work Okay and can I buy such a plug? thx..

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The Gerbing is fused at 15 amps.

I bought a spare glove harness which has 3 of the proper connectors on it and everything I need is wired for that system. Charger, compressor, 3 separate tank bags, and all my running bikes.


You can also source the connectors at Radio Shack and, I would imagine, any of the major electronic houses. They are called coaxial power connectors.

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Will it work Okay
No problem. In addition to adapting my tire pump as you describe, I also adapted my battery tender to mate to the connector so as not have to fiddle with all that switched acc'y outlet garbage just to charge the battery.


I bought the Gerbing Y harness and cut it up to get the connectors I needed to do the above.

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