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Where in the world is my Garmin 2620.


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I am trying to upgrade my Garmin software to the 4.5.release.

I have done this several time b4, with prev. releases, but this time, the Garmin setup software refuses to see my GPS even though it is securely plugged into the USB port and powered up.


I re-installed the USB driver, no problem, then when I double click on the software installation application, it asks me to connect the Garmin. I click on the USB connection and Ok and then it tells me 'There are no USB devices'. e.g. it can't see the Garmin.


Within the Garmin itself, there is nothing (I can see) that I should adjust for the Garmin to be seen by the software.

What frustrates me, is that I have done it b4, no problem.


Any ideas?



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Tie your shoes..?

what's next blush.gif


But seriously, I been screwing around with the installation of the USB driver and it gives me a message thatthis file is missing "grmn1200.sys".

Now I know I have it on the CD and in the Windows system files folder. So I set my 'browse' option to go there for the install and low and behold it shuts down the puter. On restart it tells me that a 'serious' error occured...no sh$t. Maybe I got a bunch of corrupt files but how can the file on the original CD be corrupt.

Maybe it's time to phone the friendly folks at Garmin.

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Just a quick update.

Spent all morning yesterday to get the 2620 connected to my PC. No luck. Broke down and phoned the folks at Garmin. For some reason I was hesitant, expected a snotnosed attitude. But I got to apoligize for my misconception. I had Anita on the line and she spent about an hour with me, couldn't get it going. So she offered to remotely access my computer and look around to see if she could fix it.

Well she was unsuccesful, but, in a round about way, we narrowed it down to the USB port on the Garmin being defective. Have to send it in for service.


Thanks for you help and patience, Garmin.



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