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Engine Cutting Out/Flashing RID


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My bike is a '96 R1100RT with 54K miles, impeccably maintained.


It was about 35 degrees F this morning, but I've ridden with temps in the teens within the last few months. The engine started normally. I backed it out of the garage, and started on my way. About 1/4 mile down the road, the engine hesitated, then quit. I coasted to the side of the road, and re-started it. It started fine, and I continued on my way. The engine continued to occasionally cut out for a split second as I rode the next few miles. Each time it would cut out, the RID would flash. After a few miles, all was fine.


I have not inspected the Hall Effect Sensor wiring yet.


Any other thoughts?


What does the RID flashing indicate?

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That could be a sidestand cutout switch, or (my bet) the wiring harness below the ignition switch. These have a nasty habit of the internal wires breaking right where the first cable-tie is fastened. Try cutting that tie then wiggling the harness to see if that causes the RID to flash. If so, either buy a new ignition switch harness, or cut it open and slice the broken wire/wires.



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Galactic Greyhound

+1 on Andy's post as the most likely.


Any intermittent failure of the Ignition Switch, Kill Switch or Sidestand Switch will cause the RID to flash and also, because they are on the same circuit, will cause the Fuel Pump and Motronic relays to drop out intermittently as well thus thus causing fuelling and ignition failures.


Attached diagram illustrates this and also has an Emergency Start procedure should you get stuck.


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Thanks for the replies all.


First off, after re-reading my original post, it occurred to me that "impeccably maintained" seems kind of pompous. To be more clear: I bought the bike last fall. I keep all the maintenance up to date, the previous owner kept the bike flawless.


I did bypass the side stand safety switch when I bought the bike -- so that's the first thing I'll check today.





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Well, if you haven't done so already...replace the HES and/or wrenching ability dependent ;) , the HES wiring!



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Reporting back: It was my bypass of the sidestand switch that had a bad connection... imagine that. :dopeslap:


Next time I have the tupperware off I'll be checking and/or replacing the HES wiring.


Thanks all!



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