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Headlight modulator


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Just spoke to Cycle Gadgets and he could not tell me if Kisan is making a headlight modulator for the 05 R1200RT. Anyone know? If so, how difficult is the install?

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I don't have one personaly because...now this is hearsay but, I heard that those modulators shorten the life of the bulb.

So what I did instead was installed an H7 Yellow on one side of the lowbeams and I have noticed that I get noticed more often now.


BTW, Lawmen are close enough to military to me, which makes you one of my HERO's Thanks man!!!

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Actually the modulator may extend the life of the bulb. More cycles but less time the wire is heated.
Yes, modulators don't actually turn the bulb on and off. They just dim it some for a brief moment. So there is no real thermal shock like when turning a cold bulb on.
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