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R12ST, Future?


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Hi all.

Dont want to start a whole lot of drama or go over the old thread, but has anyone heard anything more of the future of the ST, or what the production plans for 06 are.

As you folks may remember, I'm on the edge of trading my K1100RS.

After reading the info previously posted I thought I'd wait and see what happens, wait for the incentives to kick in.

Well in dear old OZ, the only incentive appears to be, "buy before 1st Jan 06, or cop a 3% price increase.

Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzz. confused.gif

Anyway, we are going to a dealer a few hours away on Sunday, to see what happens.

I even polished the K bike thumbsup.gif

But any last minute info might be handy if anyone has any thing more.

Cheers all, safe riding over the crazy season.

Marty from Aust

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Marty, I can't add any speculation to the future of the ST. I can warn against any test ride of the ST as it can be an expensive. This time last year a BMW boxer was the last machine on my mind. A test ride of the ST last Fall changed that. Now I'm a happy ST owner.

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Sardine's right Marty! If you take one out you'll be surprised, it's certainly quicker shifting than the K, it'll feel lighter and handle like it's on rails. Pretty sure it'll be around for a year or two yet, specially with the sports model now the R1200S and then the ST before the grand tour with the RT.


Even if they changed the nose like I read many wishing they would, grabbing the current series, haggling for some goodies, you'd come away with a good deal. I really don't think they'd drop quite so quickly...


Absolutely wrapped with mine!





PS get the red/graphite... they're the fastest color (ask Deano)

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I agree with the two posts here so far. Also, at least here in the US. they have over 200 in stock, so they need to sell them before making any more. No point in making more if you got too many in stock, and other new bikes that need to be made. in Australia, not sure how many shops have them or in the warehouse. Your dealer can probably give you that info. (A few of them around me in the US have).


Short story shorter, If you like the bike, and want the bike, ride the bike, and you'll buy the bike. thumbsup.gif I love the bike and wouldn't give it up for anything else.

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