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It just followed me home!


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Guest Kakugo

So I replaced my old Honda... with yet another Honda! ;)






Here in the natural environment:




And here sharing the stable with the RT: an odd couple for sure!






It's a 2009 CB1300 Super Four. Bought it from a local Honda dealer: previous owner, aged 68, had traded it in for a 2012 CBR1000RR.

I knew it was meant to be back already around 2004, when I had the occasion to "scrub the tyres" of my brother's 2003. In the meantime Honda improved the breed by tackling the three old issues: saddle as comfortable as a torture rack, snatchy throttle delivery and soft springs.

Already put over 500km on it. Well chuffed with it, especially after ditching the Pirelli's it came with and replacing them with Bridgestone S20's.

Much, much, much faster than it looks, especially when the going gets twisty! :grin:

And that engine... it's basically a bored out CBR1000F (Hurricane in the US) mill putting out tugboat levels of torque.

Will upgrade the suspension in the future though: despite being on the decent side for a Japanese bike they could use some improvement!

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And here sharing the stable with the RT: an odd couple for sure!


Not odd at all, should see my mix. :)


Nice bikes & your garage looks awesome! :thumbsup:




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Guest Kakugo

Thanks everybody.

Weather is still a bit on the chilly side and I miss heated grips terribly... especially on Saturday as I rode through a pass with snow banks on both sides.

Still don't understand why Honda stopped importing it since it's still sold in Japan and it has always sold well here in Europe.

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