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If you haven't read the latest Blackstone Lab Newsletter, "The Oil Report" give it a go. It's a hoot. Tried to find it on the webpage, but the newsletter list there does not seem to include the 'newsletter' they email out, or it's not posted yet. Whatever, this one has an article on sampling unopened old oil (do you still call it NOS?).


To keep it somewhat on-topic, included is a result of a test sample of what appears to be a can of 70's vintage 'AMF Harley-Davidson Premium Grade Motorcycle Oil'


On a tangent, it never ceases to amaze me that there are folks out there who think oil analysis is 'for entertainment purposes only' or something akin to that, and that somehow the quality of oil is related to either the name or the price. I guess that's why the marketing departments get the most $.

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It was not intended to be an 'oil thread' per-se, as I suggest nor slam any particular oil, simply a suggestion that one might find it interesting or amusing to read the newsletter.


It appears inserting an opinion on marketing was my undoing, I just couldn't help myself, sorry.



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