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22mm Hex Bit Socket - Where to Find?

Ken H.

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The front axle on the R1200GS (and other R1200xx?) takes a 22mm hex bit to thread the axle out the right side. I removed the wheel with the cheapy tool in the OEM tool kit, but to properly re-torque it really requires a 22mm hex bit (male protrusion) socket.


So far all I've found that big is an impact grade 3/4" drive socket at $45. eek.gif


Any ideas?

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I took a 22mm nut and welded it onto an craftsman 3/8 drive socket. Total cost was $0.00 because the socket and nut came out of my junk drawer and a co-worker welded it on.

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Look at the backside of most Oxygen sensor and Sending unit sockets. They are 22mm (most). I put a 3/8 extension in backwards thru ther socket and use it that way.

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Actually try here.


Or go to www.mscdirect.com, search for their item # 00058933 or Armstrong Tool # 48-725. It's a 3/4" drive hex bit socket, 22 mm, $40.46. The catalog page is here .


BTW, Armstrong Tools nobody's probably ever heard of, but they make professional-grade tools at decent prices. They're part of Danaher Industries, which also makes Matco tools, Allen, K-D, Holo-Krome, Fluke, Jacobs chucks, etc. Made in U.S., lifetime warranty.

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Just got home & found a short 1/2" dia. bolt with a 3/4" head, a 1/2" Nut that is 7/8" on the flats. Put a large washer on the bolt and tightened the 7/8" nut down to about 100 Nm. The 7/8" nut fits perfectly in my axle (no sanding needed on mine, Ed), the washer keeps it from going in too far, and I can use either a 19mm or 3/4" socket to do the torque chore. Perfect tool for the job, a nut, a bolt and a washer. I had 'em on hand so cost is zero. At your friendly Hardware store might cost you a buck. thumbsup.gif





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7/8" and a little time with a belt sander, you only have to remove about 0.008 from the width across the flats.


Why not take an old cold chissel and chip a little metal out of the part on the bike? That's gotta be easier and cheaper grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Well Marty that will teach you to follow MY lead on anything! tongue.gif


And teach both of us to have a bit more patience on waiting for suggestions to come in before pulling the trigger on something. crazy.gif

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