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mounting a new mirror


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My old mirrors came on and off without much trouble. A gentle thump with the heel of the hand and the job was done.


One of them broke, though, so I bought a new replacement, and I'm finding I can't get it installed. The springy cup-shaped receptacles in the new mirror housing seem to be so tight that they don't want to slip onto the mating pegs on the bike, even with a good thump. That's completely unlike the other old mirror, which is still good, and goes on and off easily.


I'm wondering if I'm supposed to do something to loosen up the springy cup-shaped receptacles before use?

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Did you just break the mirror glass? If so, that is a replaceable part. Easy to do.

For the new one: Try putting a smear of grease, dielectric, bearing, anything, on the posts and then make sure the three receptacles are positioned over them and give it a good whack with your hand.

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Thanks, the grease did the trick.


I was thinking that maybe that the wire that wraps around the spring-cup-shaped socket in the new mirror is the problem -- it looks so much tighter than the one on the old mirror. I suppose it loosens up with use.


As for what broke on the old one, it wasn't the glass. It was the plastic that holds the springy cup-shaped socket. It broke in two places the last time I dismounted the mirror for a brake bleed. Maybe I thumped it the wrong way, I don't know.

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