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Fuel Leak


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98 R1100RT

The o-ring on the fuel pump/filter flange appeared to be leaking.

No big deal, it happened a year and a half ago and a new o-ring fixed it.

This time I replaced the o-ring, reassembled, put some gas in the tank to

check for leaks, and it leaked worse than the leak I was trying to fix.

Disassembled to see if maybe the o-ring slipped or some trash got in the

way. everything looked good. Put it back together, still leaked.

Took the o-ring out again and measured the thickness of it and some used

ones that I saved from before. There was a 10 thousand's difference in thickness

between the new and old rings. Maybe the old o-rings swelled up a little.

I stuck an old o-ring in and so far, No Leaks.


The reason I'm posting this is that I'm curious if anyone else has had this

problem or am I the only lucky one? or is there a problem with these plastic tanks

as they age that they become warped or distorted in the fuel pump mounting

area to were a new o-ring doesn't do the job?

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I have a 94 1100rs and had a fuel leak. had to reroute the breather hoses after removing the tank for other reasons. The "reasons" were my fault. No more leaking.

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