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Fieldsheer Jacket/Pants


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I’m looking to get the Fieldsheer Siberia Jacket (for colder weather) and a Mash jacket for summer. All responses form anyone who has any experience with the Fieldsheer products (value, comfort etc…) will be greatly appreciated.

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I have mesh jacket I bought a couple of summers ago. I have been very happy with jacket. It is well made, well armored and comfortable in summer. I would certainly buy again.


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I have 2 Fieldsheer jackets and 1 pair of pant. The armor is CE rated. It's a good product for the money.


I bought it online and saved about 1/3 with shipping.


Ps. I tried it on in a store of size before I purchased.

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What is the best place to purchase the FieldSheer clothing? I'm not close to any dealers that carry thier products and their website isn't responding to my question on whether or not they sell direct. tongue.gif

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