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06 RT left turn signal


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Just got this bike. Left turn signal is not working. Nothing on the display. Pulled the bulbs. They work on external power. Right turn signal works.


Any troubleshooting suggestions?

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I got the exact samw problem last year with my 05 RT I've had the complete left hand side commodo switch replacd by the dealer. Fortunately I still had the extendy warranty on. The OEM part cost 650$ CAD.


Get on you tube and do a search for r1200rt switch. You'll find a video which explains how a guy did repaired his switch for a few bucks.


Essentially, the problem is that the rubber cap that seals the internal switch dries with time and water can get in. You know the rest...


Good luck



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The four way flashers don't work. If I remove a left side bulb, no difference. If I remove a right side bulb, it flashes faster. If I replace the right side bulb, flashing returns to normal.


I checked the video and ordered the part. Thanks.

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What Nicolas said. This happened to my RT an two occasions. With bike on kick stand, water seeps into switch and corrupts something in there. It's a PIA to swap out the switch 'pot' and it's tough to find a used one. Don't know if BMW sells it separately from the whole assembly. If you can find a 4 way flasher switch used, it has the same switch in it. Good luck.

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Hi. I don't know if this may be a help, but this would happen sometimes on my last R1150RS. Removing the bulb and cleaning the contacts (on the bulb and in the housing) lightly with fine sandpaper would bring it back to life.



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