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1150RT radio removal

Indy Tim

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I removed the factory radio setup from my RT since I don't use it and would rather have the storage. My issue now is whether I need a new lower section of the glove box and, if so, which one. The BMW parts fiche is rather unclear as to which one is used without the radio (the text says one thing but the picture shows another).


With the radio, the screws that hold the upper section in place attach to inserts on the radio bracket so without that bracket what hold the upper piece on?


Is there any difference between the "radio" box and the "storage" box other than the big hole for the wiring grommet? From what I think I read on the fiche, the "storage" box is more expensive than the "radio" version. Does the "storage" box come as one (top & bottom) unit?


Any tips/insight will be appreciated!

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The only difference between the two IS the big hole :) !


I just bought some quality black duct tape and covered it up. Been working fine like that for 7 years :) !



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Indy Tim--I am getting ready to remove the radio glove box from my '02 1150 RT. I got a non radio box from an 1100RT from Beemerboneyard for $25. It is one piece and the top has a different shape than the radio box it looks like. Is this all I need? Anything special I need to know to do this job. It seems like after removing the tupperware, things should be pretty self evident and straightforward.? What did you do with the wiring for the radio?


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Removing the box is easy there is one screw on the inside its actually a plastic nut on a stud. I sold all the wiring, radio, speakers, remote display and handlebar controls.

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It was pretty straight-forward. The speakers needed a little "persuading" to come out. The radio wiring stays with the radio. The control pod and display have their own harnesses and the speakers have a short harness that plugs into the main harness. Pull the rubber grommet out of the box and you can separate the wires. You'll have to cut numerous ty-wraps to remove the wiring. The antenna is a little tricky as there is minimal access but just pry the rubber boot off the back, loosen the exposed nut which releases the antenna from the mount in front. There is a bonding strap the loops up from the antenna mount and attaches to the subframe. There's also a screw hidden on the back of the radio box you can reach from the front with an extension.


After looking at mine again I think I can make it work by taping up the hole and getting some small screws/washers/nuts to hold the 2 halves together.


I had the bike apart for other reasons when I decided to do this but it could easily be done in a day from start to finish (if no other problems arise).

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So today I removed the radio glove box from my '02 1150RT and replaced it with a used non radio glove box that I got from Beemerboneyard. The box was marked "1100RT" but I was assured by Beemerboneyard that it would fit. The whole procedure went without a hitch and the non radio box fit perfectly, except that the glove box cover(part of the side panel) has an extensive rubber gasket that fits the top piece of the radio glove box, but it does not mesh with the upper part of the non radio box(the box is all one piece. Otherwise the cover fits well-no impingement. What do I do? Remove the entire rubber piece from the cover and use some weatherstripping around the edge of the cover so that it seals? What is on the inside of the cover on a bike without the radio box? Appreciate some advice here. Thanks--Carl

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