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secdem windshield on 1200gs


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I just bought a Stebel magnum horn and a pair of Wally flaps for my 1200GS from Nippy Norman. The amount I was charged for each was 17% less than what is listed on their web site (a nice surprise) so apparently they deduct for the VAT tax, whatever it is. They gave good service. Promptly replied to a couple of e-mails requesting information, and shipping took 7 or 8 days.


If anybody is interested, the Wally flaps are kind of cool. Rubber flaps that mount easily, and hang down in front of your feet. They helped keep my toes warm yesterday. I'll take them off in the spring. The Stebel magnum was a big disappointment. I'm not even going to mount it. I may bring a sound level meter home from work, but my ears said it wasn't any louder than the stock horn, just a lower note. Should have gone with the Stebel compact air horn, but I had heard the magnum is a direct replacement.

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