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Recommendations for long pant sizes


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Well, my Joe Rocket 5.0 Ballistics gave up the ghost (side zipper, among other things) after only a year. I guess you get what you pay for.


Watching ebay and various other classified forums has left me with the conclusion that long legged types don't sell their pants! bncry.gif


Sooo. I'm looking for new, but find most of the desirable manufacturers (Aerostich to name one) don't seem to make long sizes (one reason I initially went with Joe Rocket). Suggestions? smirk.gif

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I am 6_4 I think Mark Davis is 6_6, first gear is good for me, but I do not think they would be long enough for Mark.


Cycleport will custom fit


Of course Stitch comes in long, and will still lengthen from there


BMW makes tall sizes in some clothing. I know Mark Davis wears an airflow in Tall and hit fits him pretty well.


For talls that is about it.

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