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RT11xx bar risers: two problems solved


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I just installed a set of Moto-Techniques bar risers yesterday on my RT1100. The risers are exquisitely machined and installation was as smooth as glass. The new position afforded by the risers is more comfortable, as I had expected, but there is another benefit I had never considered: no more mirror obstruction! Before the risers, I was going to order a set of GS mirrors because my hand controls and hands obscured the view in the mirrors. By lifting the bars just that small amount, the controls and my hands move up and - mostly - out of the way of the rear view!


I can recommend this inexpensive mod to anyone who could benefit from a more upright riding position. I can also say that the quality of the product and service is the highest. This mod cost me under 70 bucks (with shipping), too! thumbsup.gif



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