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Backfiring when closing throttle


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Hi All-


Thought I would query the forum for ideas regarding backfiring I'm experiencing on my '02 1150RT when I decelerate with the throttle closed. I started experiencing this backfiring after I installed a Remus Revolution muffler with a straight pipe (catalytic converter removed - O2 sensor removed) option. The engine will backfire only if the throttle is completely closed. If I decelerate with the throttle just short of fully closed, there will be no backfiring.


By the way, there is a small exhaust residue line where the muffler connects to the straight pipe because the muffler has a crimp type of slip-on which has two slits on the connector and it looks like a small amount of exhaust is leaking from this area. I have checked the clamp and it is really snugged down. Can this be a possible cause of the backfiring?


Interested in any comments/thoughts regarding my situation.




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I have a Remus and I noticed that the bike backfired like yours does. I believe that it is normal and that the stock exhaust masked the sound. There should be and 1.5" or so of overlap between the Remus and the header of the stock pipe. If it is leaking soot loosen the clamp and slide the entire exhaust system forward and retighten. If you can wiggle the muffler left-to-right from the rear of the bike as it sits now, the pipe is not pushed forward enough.

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yes, that's correct. ANy modification to the exhaust makes the engine run a little leaner and yes, you get backfiring because of this. So you already know that if you enrichen the mixture just a bit (like opening the throttle on decel) it eliminates it. There are 2 things you can do, live with it and accept it OR you could invest more money (like in a techlusion) but even with that, there are no guarantees this will stop the backfiring. For me, I live with it. I have a ztechnik and it "burps" when I decelerate from high RPM's....its just no big deal. If its really bad (like very noticeable pops) i may look into it. You can screw around withe TPS voltage which would affect this, but without the proper equipment you're pretty much at trial and error.


just my 2 cents,


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Technically, this is an "afterfire". Do a board search on the topic you should come up with some good information. This is common on BMW 1100's & 1150's, even with stock exhaust. After I changed my exhaust, I did notice it more. A really good TB sync can tune most of this out. But, deceleration with a closed throttle, (especially downhill for some reason) you will notice these "pops". The general consensus has been it's nothing to worry about. Good riding!

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A really good TB sync can tune most of this out.


Worked for me!...along with a very careful valve adjustment completely eliminated the issue. thumbsup.gif


Until the valves needed adjusting again...doh!! eek.gifdopeslap.gif


Ride safe



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On my 97, I first put the staintune on and noticed the backfire. I grew to like it, as it echoed off the mountain canyon where I live. Then, I removed the ccp and added a potentiometer and richened it up and the backfire went away. Missed it. frown.gif

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Love the backfire, I get all the cages back away from me. Mine can shoot about 2ft of flame smile.gif Only thing I didnt like so much was the flame melt my system case a bit...

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