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Cam Chain Tensioner oil leak


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Two weeks ago I replaced the cam chain tensioner per the advice on the link from here to advrider.com.(bike has 134,000 miles) The procedure was very straight forward per their instructions and photos. Clackity noise disappeared but an oil leak apeared. I installed the new updated verion which consists of bolt unit, internal tensioner and copper washer. Thought I had everything in place and now this

leak which appears to come from the cam chain tentioner. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts. I will reverse the process tomorrow to see if I missed something. The install went per instructions without any issues. Help!!!




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Thanks Mitch. That appears to have done the trick. BTW that's a very tight space to work in without pulling the front suspension. Are there any special tools to work in such a cramped space without tearting bike down? Thanks. And the tire changing bar is great. Used once and tire pops right off. We should have used more soapy water on the install. It sure beats the bars and turning the rim red!!!

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