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autocom and gsm


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I am french driver. There is 15 days i have buy by ebay a complet autocom kit 6 prorider whith vox. I install it without problem on my bmw R1150RT.I connect an ipod and a QTEK pda its product of htc magician. My qtek have gps whith TOMTOM and i make phone. I have no problem to ear music from ipod ,to ear the voice from the gps ?to listen the voice when a person phone me ,the vox is good ,the music cut when a person phone me but i have a trouble when i speak whith the phone ;the person ear a big noise but not my voice.when i test the microphone i ear my voice in the headset very clear.


Whith a nokia phone i have no problem.


What happen?


Thanks for your answer


Sorry i speak english a little





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If it work with Nokia, then the problem must be somewhere else. I think from that noice, that your qtek uses it's own mic, not the one from your helmet. It is maybe incompatible with the adapter or there is some kind of bug with your qtek.

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I had a similar problem when I connected my LG phone to my Autocom. I could hear phone calls but the caller would hear only a screeching sound.


I phoned Autocom US and got the answer. On some phones the headphone jack is slighly recessed, which prevents the Autocom cord from seating all the way. I used a utility knife to trim the corners from plastic part of the plug, which solved the problem. I have seen this solution suggested on this and other websites.


This may be the issue with your PDA. Good luck.

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