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Looking for Transmission/Rear Drive Rebuilders ???


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It is time to do some serious preventitive maintence on my 97 RT. 95k and the transmission is feeling "loose" when shifting, and there is noticeable deflection at the rear drive when applying side pressure on the rear wheel. I am capable of all of the component disassembly, but I need to find someone to rebuild/refurbish/blueprint the transmission and rear drive. I spoke with Bruno from www.brunos.us It sounds like he can do the job. Are there other shops that I should check out? I would like to find someone who can make my RT shift as well as I know it's capable of. Happy customers speak up please.

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I had BMW Tampa Bay do my transimission. I had a bearing shatter in the final drive pivot that I was able to replace but no other problems.

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Bruno rebuilt my rear diff overnight last May after it trashed itself in Ontario. He did a great job and was very reasonable cost wise. I'd send him my tranny the minute it destructed with no hesitataion if needed.


No association other than being a satisfied customer!

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Look into these. I didn't use any of them but did come up with the names last year when I was looking into mine trans rebuild/replace. the last one on the list (Rennesport) I spoke to several times, he's the guy I would have gone with.


Good luck.

for the emails below replace with:

(at)= @

(dot)= .

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Ed Korn


4812 Goodland Peak Road

Oregon, WI 53575






"Oak" (Oak Okleshen)

22637 S. Ridgeway

Richton Park, IL 60471




Tom Cutter's Rubber Chicken Racing Garage (Tom specializes in transmission work)

1360 Colony Way

Yardley, PA 19067

shop: 215-321-7944

cell: 215-206-9787



Bob Clement

Bob's Motorwerks

often just referred to as BMW-Montana

91 Blanchard Butte Rd.

Roberts, MT 59070




Wuma, Inc (Guenther)


Fredericksburg, IN


Motor Works, Inc.

1490 Island Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101




Tom High

Rennen motorsport

7 Andover Dr

Palm Coast, FL 32137




And don't forget our own Sean

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