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current draw of gerbings?


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Anybody know the total current draw of Gerbings gloves, jacketliner, and Union Ridge Overpants? I was riding home last night from school and the RT decided that I didn't need heat (it was a balmy 21 degrees). I don't have the pants yet and I do have a direct line to the battery so I'm tryin' to decide if I wanna use that or take a chance on the accessory outlet. Thanx.

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FWIW the Gerbings direct wire harness comes with a 15 amp fuse. Keep in mind that the fuse is there to protect the wiring not the load. I would suggest you go that way rather than your socket which, if memory serves can be fused either 4 or 10 amps depending on location/model of bike.


Total output at max consumption for the products you describe would be 143 watts or right at 10 Amps while drawing from the charging system. As system voltage drops, current would go up and you are liable to pop a 10 amp fuse at idle.


Using a Heat Troller will help this somewhat unless you crank it all the way up.

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Thanx, Ed. I'm on an 05 RT, the direct line is split into two: a cigar outlet and a powerlet outlet (to charge the battery). The direct line holds a 15amp fuse and I do remember on the GT I burned a couple 10amp fuses using the Jacketliner before I stepped it up. I read here that the computerized breaker for the RT kicks at 5 so I guess that's why I got to freeze last nite. One of the things I love about the RT as opposed to the GT is all that room under the saddle! Wiring stuff in is a breeze.

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When I first installed the fuse block for my 12RT the feed from the battery was protected with a 10 amp fuse. I used it this way from early july untill Gearbings season. On my first ride with socks,pant liner,jacket liner and gloves at about 70% of max. output, the 10 amp. fuse cooked within 5 minutes. The next 70 miles were very unplesant. Before returning I replaced the fuse with a 15 amp. and it does the job with all my goodies at full tilt when needed. I wired my BMW tank bag with three outlets to power- cell phone, mini disc player, XM, radar detector whenever they need to be charged. I do not use the provided outles. clap.gif Leon 12RT

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I just had the opportunity to try my Gerbings jacket this past week.

Doesn't work. But the vest I have does. Everything works fine on the

'04 RT.


The dealer says the current draw is too much for the GS's accessory outlet and

should be wired direct to the battery. I suppose I'll get around do doing that

sometime soon.

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