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I talked to J & M and they say the new cb unit which can hook up with intercom and music in headsets does not work on the r1200rt. Has anyone installed this unit and does it work or what kinda of problems should I expect. J & M sent me to this site to get information, which says something for this site alone. Please help, and thanks.



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Doesn't work, damn. I guess I need to go home and remove it from my '05 R12RT. It was also on my '97 RT.


My 2003 J&M CB works. I got a head unit mount from Cycle Gadgets. I use a Firestic NGP antenna on a mount I got from Sierra MC.


I do need to see if the PTT button for the BMW would work on the generic J&M. It shows up in the accessories book at the shop. It's a lot cleaner set up than the velcro wrap.


I bought the system from Sierra. If I did it again, I would start with the elite headset. I went through two of the cheaper sets before I bought the higher dollar version.




Rob Lessen

Arma, KS

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