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Battery Tender with the "BMW" connector


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Is there any place I can buy a Battery Tender that includes the BMW connector in the package? Now that a new battery is on its way for my RT, the next thing is to keep it fully charged. With the purchase of a second bike, the RT is not getting the attention (riding) it needs to keep the battery it top form.

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Most battery tenders I have bought come with 2 connecting cable ends: One with lugs which you mount to the bolts on the battery cable, and one with clips for making temporary connections. I usually don't use the one with the clips very much, so I have a box full of them. Now with a <$10 Powerlet connector ( http://www.casporttouring.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=plugs )

and a small screwdriver you can make your own adapter cable. Center lug is positive.


Then when you are buying your Powerlet plugs, buy 2 additional ones, connect them to the ends of a 6-8' 14+ gauge wire, and you will have a BMW to BMW jumper cable.



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Ken indicates the place that I also found to have the best deals on Battery Tenders.


My question to you deals with what model Battery Tender are you looking at. Obviously depends on your battery, but you might want to look at the info I just posted on the "'RENCHING / Oilhead" track about what I found out. Good luck!

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